Three Rivers Council’s Wake Up on the Westside

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Three Rivers Council’s Wake Up on the Westside

Wake Up on the Westside, hosted by Three Rivers Council, is an exciting networking event aimed at bringing together professionals, entrepreneurs, and community members from the vibrant Westside region. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections, the event serves as a platform for individuals to exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore potential business opportunities.

Whether participants are looking to expand their professional network, seek new ventures, or simply gain valuable insights into various sectors, Wake Up on the Westside offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and tap into the thriving business community of the Three Rivers Council. With its inclusive and welcoming ambiance, this event promises to leave attendees inspired and energized to take on new challenges and achieve greater success in their endeavors.

Advance registration required by 4 p.m. on March 13th. Walk-ups are always welcome; however, the fee is $20 at the door. If you have difficulty registering, please contact Jalicia Lewis.


Three Rivers Council is partnering with one non-profit member each quarter.  This quarter we are learning about and collecting donations for Girls of Virture. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so when you register for this event.

Girls of Virtue's mission is to empower young girls through outdoor team-building activities, meditation, and prayer, to help them overcome challenges and build confidence. We believe that by surrounding girls with strong, successful women who have faced similar challenges and achieved personal and professional success, they can learn to navigate life's obstacles with resilience and determination.

Girls of Virtue is a group program providing team building through outdoor activities to get the girls in nature and build their confidence, all while allowing them to pray and meditate to begin overcoming the challenges created by the current or past situations they have faced. We will surround them with strong, successful women who have experienced similar challenges and overcome those challenges to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

Thank you to Lee & Cates Glass for being our March Three Rivers Council Sponsor!

Date: Mar 14, 2024
Time: 8:00am - 9:00am
3556 St. Johns Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205
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