JAX Bridges and Tools for Next Stage Growth

Testimonial from Ellen Sullivan, Territory developer and franchise owner – Doctors Express Urgent Care Centers.

As a JAX Bridges participant I felt that the cohort sessions, tools and conversation that took place in and outside of the formal program helped to create focus in business planning.  The 8 principles of business connections provided a way of thinking about business growth and acquisition.  Describing the value proposition of a business can mean the difference of getting to the next stage of growth or not.  We explored and learned new techniques and tools for use in connecting with other businesses of all sizes as referral sources.  Having the opportunity to practice our skills and work together as entrepreneurs further enhanced the experience and learnings.

The 20×20 concept was brand new to nearly all of us in the cohort. In fact, the original concept for my JAX Bridges 20×20 and the end product were quite different. Yet, I was amazed at the clarity in which I can now communicate my business and share with multiple levels of stakeholders in a short period of time. What takes others more than 30 minutes to discuss, I can deliver in a little over 6 minutes. I started with a blank sheet of paper and the program processes & education helped me developed this video.

What is JAX Bridges 20×20? The JAX Bridges 20×20 is an adaptation of  PechaKucha 20×20. “…a presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. Dr. Carlton Robinson adapted the presentation format to assist entrepreneurs in communicating their business ventures at a high level using both images and text. The JAX Bridges 20×20 is founded on the 8 Principles of Business Connection covered in the Entrepreneurial Education offerings of the program. The content arrangement is a unique value proposition for our program.

Where did the concept originate? The original PechaKucha presentation was made in Tokyo around 2003 by architects who wanted to communicate creative ideas in a fun way. Dr. Robinson used this format to pitch the early framework for JAX Bridges after attending an event here in Jacksonville, FL  around 2011.

What is the utility of it? It is a communication tool. The aim for the utility of this approach in JAX Bridges is to develop a consistent expectation for stakeholders involved in the JAX Bridges program. As corporate stakeholders develop relationships and offer opportunities, small business will need to have effective communication tools. The JAX Chamber plans to develop a new matchmaking format around the JAX Bridges 20×20.

Who can present? Participants of the JAX Bridges program. Apply now for the 2015 Spring Cohort