JAX Bridges Entrepreneurship Program

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Northeast Florida’s most accessible and effective entrepreneurial development program

JAX Bridges is a program of the JAX Chamber Venture Services Division and is designed to be a key facilitator for supplier quality and development in Northeast Florida. It helps smaller companies grow and promotes supply chain diversification among corporations. This is accomplished through a series of entrepreneurial activities that prepare small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for growth. During the qualification process, small businesses will perfect plans, pitches, and strategies through entrepreneurial education, teaming and mentoring.

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Applications open August 12th

JAX Bridges is Northeast Florida’s most accessible and effective online entrepreneurial development program. Connect to entrepreneurs and potential vendor opportunities with corporations.

Program Overview

JAX Bridges helps small and medium sized businesses build strategy, gain access to capital and contract opportunities, and connect to other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing entrepreneurial education/training opportunities.

Program Testimonials

“Jax Bridges taught me how to look at my business from a completely different perspective and how to prioritize what needs to be done”

Haley Dougherty, Kilwins Jacksonville

“It was great for collecting thoughts and ideas and putting structure around them…You realize you are part of a community trying to connect. It gave us the opportunity to boil down who we were in a very short period of time and get feedback.”

Karen Green, BXcellent Advisory Services

“As a small business owner, Jax Bridges has helped me to think much bigger. I am always eager to learn new ways to grow my business and Jax Bridges has delivered”

Jason McDonald, FreshJax

“I would strongly suggest connecting with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce — they have a program called JAX Bridges. I went through it. It was absolutely amazing.”

Amy Hales, The Lab Bakery and Coffee Bar

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