Open Innovation Center

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The JAX Chamber Open Innovation Center

The JAX Chamber is a gateway to continuous innovation for the Northeast Florida region. We offer an experiential program that has entry points to participate throughout the innovation ecosystem. We leverage the relationship access of the JAX Chamber to work with core members of local industries to identify use cases (problem statements) that may be offered to a crowd of innovators for treatments/solutions.

Program Background

Traditionally innovation takes place in labs and silos. From the corporate perspective there are core teams in place to identify opportunities to innovate. The opportunities begin with a problem/issue in search of a solution. In the general community we have crowds of innovators with solutions in search of problem. The Chamber has a trusted relationship with the core and the crowd that can be leveraged to connect both innovation communities as a form of economic development.

Dr. Carlton Robinson developed this program to help local business leaders participate in the digital transformation of economic development. He modeled much of the program from his participation in the MIT Executive Education program where he first learned of the book Harnessing Our Digital Future: Machines, Platform, Crowd. During 2020, the JAX Chamber community began seeding innovation with a wide range of stakeholders before launching its first Call-To-Innovate in healthcare in 2021.

Center Activities & Events

We leverage four components to engage enterprises toward continuous innovation for the region:

Core Building (Use Cases)

Crowd Building – Curated Connections

Crowd Building – Peer-To-Peer


February – Innovation MeetUp

May – Curated Connection Event/Call

August – Innovation MeetUp

November – Curated Connection Event/Call

Targeted Industries

Healthcare | Transportation & Logistics | Financial Services

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