These are indeed exciting times for growth and opportunity in our community. Nowhere in our history have we successfully and consistently connected small businesses to corporate businesses for business growth. Well, JAX Bridges is changing that history. Carlton and I are on a mission to help businesses grow. We are building bridges between David and Goliath. We are building the roadmap for how to connect and to engage small businesses to corporations for their mutual benefit—and with our program and process, it’s virtually risk-free. We believe this is perhaps the single most important activity for assured growth in our community.

The pilot program in 2014 has already surpassed all our expectations and measures of success. That tells us this program is needed…this program is wanted…and, quite frankly, this program is long overdue. Understand this program will change lives—the lives of small business owners…the lives of their employees…the lives of their families…the lives of some of you that I have visited with throughout the program.

When I look around at small business owners, I see potential. I see the potential for progress. I see the potential for one of the small businesses in this room to one day have its name atop of one of the big buildings in our city. So, let’s get to the work at hand. Let all those in this program help build the bridges for prosperity and growth. Let us create a legacy for our Jacksonville business community. And, let us create more success stories from each of you—in this Fall 2015 JAX Bridges program.

Thank you,

Daniel Davis                                                                                                                                                         JAX Chamber