Photocredit: JAX Daily Record 11/27 articel by Karen Mathis

         Photocredit: JAX Daily Record 11/27 articel by Karen Mathis

The sign in the window at 209 N. Laura St. hints at the bakery on the way.
Its storefront and Facebook page say “really, really sweet things are coming soon.”

By yearend, sisters Helga Langthon and Pilar Langton hope to open a brownie bakery in the Elks Building Downtown at Hemming Park.

Mocha Misk’i will bake traditional brownies as well as those made in the shapes of alphabet letters and corporate logos. Think “thank you” or “welcome” spelled out in brownies.

In addition, Pilar Langton will bake and sell her PilArt specialty cakes and cookies there. She has been operating that business from home for almost six years.

Pilar Langton runs a business related to a brownie bakery. Helga Langthon does not. (read more)