JAX Bridges grad Manisha Joshi of Sunisha Designs aspires to be one of the next great brands of Jacksonville, Florida. Sunisha Designs is known as one of the greenest businesses in Jacksonville. Recycling has been a passion of hers since she was a kid. Her mom was a genius at salvaging things – and she grew up learning how to take the old and redesign them into something new. The term upcycling which she frequently uses is taking something old and transforming it into something useful and beautiful, it’s really taking it up a notch.

When she launched Sunisha Designs, she wanted to merge her dual passions for recycling and fashion and so she started with reusable fabric wine and gift bags and from there, there was an interest from her customers for handbags and here we are 11 years later with over 30 different designs.

Manisha recently appeared on WJXT to share some of her story with a viewership of about 30,000. (Watch the video from WJXT’s Look Local)