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This page is for 2015 Bridge@Biz Participants:


RESOURCES FOR EXPORTING (from the U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce):


Exporting is a business expansion, market diversification strategy.  However, you need to become “export ready” to successfully enter foreign markets, obtain international customers.  All the resources below are prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce and are free to U.S. companies.


1)      Country Commercial Guides: If you want to learn about the macroeconomics of countries around the world, to include “Best Prospects for U.S. Exporters”, please look at the complimentary publications prepared by our U.S. Embassies and Consulates overseas:


2)      “A Basic Guide to Exporting”:  A reference guide. Addresses virtually all aspects of the business process and how exporting would affect it.  Definitions, charts lists.  The 13th edition just got published on October2015:


3)      “Trade Finance Guide”:  International payments vary from domestic payment methods.  Learn about Letters of Credit, Export Credit Insurance, both bank and non-bank international payment methods:


4)      “Global Industry Guides”:  The U.S. Commercial Service, under the U.S. Department of Commerce, prepares these global industry guides to help U.S. exporters assess their market potential in other countries:


a.       Aerospace Resource Guide 2014-2015:

          Top Markets Aircraft Parts:  


b.      Agribusiness

           Top Markets Agricultural Equipment:


c.       Architecture & Engineering

          Top Markets Building Products and Sustainable Construction:

          Design Resource Guide: A Reference for U.S. Exporters of Design Services:


d.      Automotive

          Automotive Resource Guide, A Reference for U.S. Exporters:

          Recreational Transportation:


e.      Education and Training Services Resource Guide, A Reference for U.S. Educational Institutions:


f.        Energy: 

–  Europe Power Generation Guide:

–   Smart Grid:


g.       Environmental Technologies: Top Markets:


h.      Food Processing & Packaging

          Top Markets Cold Supply Chain:


i.         Healthcare & Life Sciences:

          Healthcare Resource Guide:

          Top Markets Report – Health IT:


j.        Information & Communication

          Cloud Computing:


          Smart Grid:


k.       Manufacturing Industries

          Plastic Materials and Machinery Exports Guide:


l.        Marine Technologies

          2016 Pleasure Boat International Resource Guide:

          Recreational Transportation:


m.    Publishing, Media and Entertainment

          Top Markets: Media and Entertainment:


n.      Safety & Security:


o.      Textiles and Apparel

          Technical Textiles and Apparel:


5)      Top Markets:  A Market Assessment Tool for U.S. Exporters:


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