JAX Bridges-Clay

Carrie Fricke, Clay County business owner and JAX Bridges grad & facilitator

Carrie Fricke, Clay County business owner and JAX Bridges grad & facilitator

Clay County-JAX Bridges Portfolio Program

The value proposition for our program is that we leverage the “relationship access” of the JAX Chamber to create exposure opportunities for small businesses in outreach communities. The strategy sessions are covered in 4-6 weekly meetings.

  • Target start date: May 2018
  • One meeting per week: Tuesday or Thursday
  • Start time: (7.30-9.30a or 8.30-10.30a depending on group preference)
  • Location: Town Center Blvd


Next Steps

  • Complete Application “using this link by 2/28
  • Program orientation
  • Assessments*
  • Receive quality entrepreneurial feedback via workshops and online forms each session*
  • Vendor development activites*
  • Compete for an opportunity to appear on television as a part of our marketing support*
  • Capability statement development*




Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost? Our entrepreneurial education is at no cost to the entrepreneur at this time. We raise money through grants, sponsorships, and membership to limit the out-of-pocket costs to entrepreneurs.

Value Proposition? Entrepreneur-focused tools and sessions. 

What is time commitment? The commitment ranges from six to 30 hours, depending on the program selections you choose. 

Who should apply? Small- and medium-sized business owners, especially those business owners who want to connect with large suppliers, should apply. Those who want to improve their business strategy.

What is the goal of the program? JAX Bridges helps small- and medium-sized businesses gain access to capital and contract opportunities to grow their businesses by providing entrepreneurial education/training opportunities.

Does the size of my company matter? No, we support all stages of business.

Do I need a formal business plan to start? Nope, but you do need a plan in some format. We are focused on building waves of success.

Who are the facilitators? Entrepreneurs who have similar experiences to yours and have achieved growth.

Flexibility: Once admitted into the program your time and length of sessions will vary depending on your selections.