JAX Bridges Youth



The JAX Bridges Youth program is an experience that inspires high school and college students to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging principles of the JAX Bridges program. We believe that if we equip our youth with innovative knowledge they will be empowered to become future founders in our community.

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We leverage experiential learning to create a unique educational experience that can be replicated in other communities. We have two desired outcomes: promote innovation through experiential learning and share iterative thinking processes that our youth can replicate in their local communities.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurial Onboarding
  • Innovator’s Journey
  • Closing Report/Pitch


Four to six summer interns serve as lead facilitators who recruit up to 10 participants to enroll in an entrepreneurial development course. The entrepreneurial course has a blended format (online & in-person) and ends with a pitch/prize

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