The JAX Chamber Board of Directors on Thursday unanimously voted to reaffirm its support for the city’s Human Rights Ordinance, which was amended in 2017 to extend anti-discrimination protections to LGBT residents and employees.

The ordinance was recently overturned by an appellate court citing a technical issue. A bill to correct the technicality is now before the Jacksonville City Council and the Chamber is urging the council to approve this important legislation.

The Chamber has a long history of leading on issues of equality in our community and was a key and vocal supporter when the Council approved the bill in 2017.

“Making sure that everyone in our community is protected from discrimination is and always will be a top priority for the Chamber,” JAX Chamber Chair Henry Brown said. “Passing the HRO in 2017 told everyone outside the community what we already know – that we are an inclusive, welcoming community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We support the effort to correct this technical issue and pass the legislation as intended three years ago.”

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