Dan Miller, past participant of JAX Bridges and President of GloDea (Photo credit: Advantage Magazine)

Dan Miller, past participant of JAX Bridges and President of GloDea (Photo credit: Advantage Magazine)

Dan Miller, President of GloDea, has announced that GloDea has been invited to actively participate in one of the biggest startup events in Latin America which results in new businesses and new product launches. The event is called “AceleraStartup” which is organized by FIESP (The Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, in Brazil). GloDea’s CEO, Ignacio Santos and GloDea’s President of International Business, Patrick Cherix were both invited to attend the event as judges and mentors for the product proposals and entrepreneurs in São Paulo, Brazil. Joining them in Brazil will be Marco Schorr GloDea’s legal advisor for Latin America and Victor Santos GloDea’s project engineer for Latin America.

This event that takes place every year is in its 7th edition and spans across two full days. The objective is to introduce startup companies and high potential products or projects from all over Brazil to high profile investors. This year the event received over 5,000 applications from entrepreneurs with 322 finalists selected for the main event.

During the first day the entrepreneur finalists selected are invited to attend morning lectures by some of Brazil’s most influential businessmen. In the afternoon they will receive mentoring in a diversity of subjects such as patenting, marketing and business strategy plus many others. GloDea will be mentoring the entrepreneurs on International Business and how to take their local products to a global scale.

During the second day the entrepreneurs will have 3 minutes to present their proposal to the investors in a classic elevator pitch. GloDea along with 80 other investors will rate all projects, and narrow the field to the top 20 best rated proposals. The top 20 will then be given an opportunity for 10 minutes each to convince a selected board of 10 investors that their product is the best proposal. GloDea will be among this special group of investors that determines which presentation earns the coveted winners award.

The GloDea team is honored to participate in this event as a mentor, investor and judge. Initiatives like this one are extremely important to help entrepreneurs take their ideas forward and obtain the funding they need to take their ideas and companies to the next level. It’s not only about finding good products that we can bring to the American and European markets but also about giving back to the community to potentially help those that are viable products or businesses.


Most of them are in a similar place to where many businesses stood in the past.


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